You’re doing the best you can with what you’ve been given. If only you’ve been given quality, on brand photos that you love. That is where I come in.

I’m Becca!

I love The Office, I’m wholeheartedly a dog person, and I strive to always choose kindness.
I specialize in documenting the hearts of creative small business owners; their process, why they do what they do and their identity in and outside of their business. I am passionate about developing relationships with every client. In this way I can know them deeply and therefore document their story authentically. Our process entails in-depth meetings where I will listen and learn about what you do & plan your session to fit your needs. You will walk away from our experience with enthusiasm and assurance in your business. You’ll have on-brand images that depict you and your business and everything that goes into it.

Let’s Be Friends!

I am so excited to spend time eating good food, and drinking lots of coffee while we get to know each other.

This part is actually one of my favorites. Getting to know my clients is such a unique part of our process that I find completely necessary.

It completely allows me to capture images that will show who you are and everything that goes into what you do and why you do it. These images will allow you to connect and build trust with your audience and give you the opportunity to share your heart in a natural way.

The Process

Let me break it down for you!

First, I want to assure that we are a good fit and so I can get an understanding of your wants and needs for your branding session.
Next: Book your session and teach me your ways! We will build out a photo directive and make sure to check all your boxes.
Last, you will connect with your audience and feel so confident in your business.

My business platforms and content feel much more professional and am loving the overall consistency that I’ve been able to create across my brand with her photos.

Get ready to pour your heart out and to actually be heard!

“She has this incredible way of making even the most awkward, unconfident people feel their best and easy going behind the camera.” - Carissa

“The entire experience with Becca was phenomenal, from the planning to the “make sure to bring this” list for the day of the shoot, to the actual photos - seriously, seamless!” - April


Your photos will be fun for you to share, drive connection points with your audience & show your passion.

You Need Photos

Photos that capture your heart and help you create connections with the people who love your work and my detailed process will get you there. I will know you well enough to capture the realness of why you do what you do and you will be prepared, organized and confident in front of the camera when it’s time for your shoot.