You need a wedding or lifestyle photographer to capture your real life & real moments.

You Deserve It.

You want photos that you will cherish forever, that depict your stage of life and the moments you share with your loved ones & I know you want the experience to be enjoyable. You need a photographer that aligns with your style, your personality and will give you an enjoyable experience.

husband wraps his arms around his wife with her laying over his

This time of life is e v e r y t h i n g.

You are looking for a wedding photographer or a family photographer that will tell your story truly, capture life as it is, and preserve the memories of this stage of life. If you are here for a wedding photographer keep reading. If you’re looking for a lifestyle photo session, click the button!

bride and her bridesmaids laugh at the camera


Your Wedding

Wedding planning faces you with a lot of decisions, maybe too many.

I’ve done this before. I’ve been the bride, bridesmaid, and most importantly the photographer for many, many weddings. I don’t expect you to know what you should look for in a photographer or their services so I want to keep it simple for you by offering two clear collections.

Groom nuzzles his brides temple with his forehead
bride and groom hold hands and walks with the Minneapolis skyline behind them bride and groom throw their arms up at their reception
bride and groom holding hands facing opposite directions

I want to help you.

With so many photographers to consider, and such a big investment; it doesn’t make for an easy decision.

I’m assuming if you’re here you’ve already read my guide to finding the right photographer and if not, get it here. I want you to know that I want what is best for you. With me, you will experience support, guidance, and real moments captured.

I want to keep it simple

Wedding collections include 7 or 9 hours of coverage, two photographers & an engagement session. Collections begin at $3,200.

Smaller, more intimate weddings and elopements require a custom collection. Please inquire to discuss the specifics.

man embraces fiancé while whe laughs and looks over her shoulder at him.

Lifestyle Sessions

Are you ready to press pause on the everyday memories?

There is never a wrong time to slow down and intentionally make and capture memories with your family. Lifestyle sessions come in a few shapes and sizes. Single sessions, mini sessions, and newborn sessions are all available to accommodate your stage of life.

couple gently holds hands and man kisses his fiancés temple

Single Sessions

Let’s set the scene for natural images that capture real personality.

I want to know you.

Lifestyle summer sessions are perfect for getting photos of real personality without the pressure of the time frame. They are great for families looking to create memories and really document what this time of life looks like and feels like for your family. I will take the time to get to know you and your family, whether it includes your partner, your kiddos or your fur babies.

These sessions will be offered during the summer & fall months on pre-planned dates. For more info on these dates, follow this link.

Ok, you’re right.

Family photos aren't a necessity, but I promise you won’t regret investing in them. This 30 minute session will provide you with photos that capture the joy & personality of everyone present.

Let me keep it simple for you

Your session will provide you with a photographer who will invest time in learning about you and your family and true photos of your family in this stage of life.

family walking and swinging their toddler by his hands.

Mini Sessions

Life is BUSY

Mini sessions are great.

It can be hard to commit to a longer session with so much going on. I’ve got you covered. Mini Sessions are perfect for the busy-bee; families that want a few good photos to freeze time in this sweet stage of life. These are particularly ideal for families with older kids and people who are looking to get a portrait for their holiday cards.

couple laughs while walking and holding hands
couple nuzzles noses while they embrace

She makes the sessions light and fun, capturing the perfect candid moments.

Let’s Make The Most Of It.

Your mini session will get to the point, making sure we get great portraits with a little bit of play to bring out the personality of everyone involved. I will work quickly and efficiently so that you can quickly get back to life. I love being able to still connect with you as my client, but give you what you need and not make the process a lot of work for you.

I get it!

You don’t have a whole lot of time to invest but you want photos of your kids at this age or the way life is at the moment & you just want a few photos; mini sessions are perfect for you.

I promise.

Your future self will be so incredibly happy you have these photos. Photos that show your 2-year-old still learning how to smile; your 5 & 7-year-olds become best friends; you & your partner reminiscing and flirting the moments away.

Your Real Moments Matter

Because of the shorter nature of mini sessions, our focus will be a great family photo to check that box and sneak in some fun play in between portraits to keep it fun for the kids. Mini sessions are only available in the fall. If you are looking for a photo session at a different time of the year look at the summer & in-home session.

2023 Fall Minis Coming Soon!

family hangs bare feet off dock into the lake
family smiles at sunset on dock sisters look back as they walk off the dock holding their parents hands
newborn abby legs and toes

Newborn Sessions

If there was ever a time to capture moments, it’s with newborns.

These small peanuts will grow incredibly fast and we definitely want to remember these moments most of all.

new parents rest foreheads together as they hold their brand new baby

In-Home Sessions

Newborns are absolutely on their own schedule and the best we can do is to accommodate them. In-home sessions allow you to relax at home and have everything you need right at your fingertips. We will work around feedings, sleeps and everything else they throw at us. The small-ness of your babe and the way you hold them close is an everlasting favorite part of photographing newborns for me. That and their tiny yawns. My oh my I love those

Yep, we need to freeze time; NOW.

And we will. We will capture their tininess, their yawns, their hair and the happiness they bring you and your family.

It’s SO worth it.

I know it’s an investment, and I don’t take that lightly. But I promise you’re very unlikely to regret having professional photos taken. Your photos will stop time in this fleeting stage and you’ll cherish them forever.

Your Newborn Session

This time of life is one-of-a-kind and it deserves to be documented as it is. These sessions are flexible and convenient and cozy in the comfort of your own home and you will have photos of one of the most precious moments in your life. I will get to know you, your family and your home in order to document all of it as true as possible. Families typically invest between $475-600 for newborn sessions.

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