I am a Minneapolis based Lifestyle Photographer

but most importantly,

I'm about you.

What a time of life no matter where you’re at.

It is one of my greatest joys to capture the moments of your life that you cherish. Whether it is the whimsical (and overwhelming) stage of wedding planning or growing your family by one more member--even a furry one! Your current stage of joy should be remembered.

Groom kissing his bride's temple and holding hands gently

Becca is the BEST! She is so personable and easy to work with, every time we talked with her leading up to our engagement session and the wedding day, I felt like I'd known her for years!

This is no easy decision.

With so many options out there you need the facts of what can be provided for you and a straightforward process.

couple inter-locking fingers

Let's Be Real...

This would be so much easier if your best friend could do this for you. You know them, you trust them and can be yourself in front of them. I don’t blame you. Being in front of the camera is a little nerve racking. That is exactly why I prioritize relationship building with each of my clients. I want to know you so that I can bring out the best in you for photos that show who you are, where you are at in life and the relationships you have with your loved ones. Photos that you will cherish forever.

I want you to know

After you and I connect, we will set up a consultation right away to make sure I am a good fit for you. That is always my priority.
I know you’re ready to have this decision over with but let me help you through it.

woman looks and laughs at camera over her shoulder

So you’re looking for a photographer...
One that will help you understand the whole process, what you need and deliver photos that capture your authentic self & your loved ones accurately.

Hi, I am Becca and I’m so glad you’re here.

It is my pride and joy to serve others well throughout all my days but especially on big days for them. You deserve to feel loved, cared for and so, so important.

I spend half my days as a full-time mom and my other half as a full-time photographer. Watching my children grow has only enhanced my deep desire to capture moments in life.

The absolute best thing in my job is preserving moments. Moments you may not even realize are happening at that time, but when you get the photo, it will sink in and mean the world.

Kind Of Random Info

I am a pro at organized chaos… but my husband thinks it is only chaos. I’m not naturally a funny person, but every once in a while I have a legendary one-liner. I love solving problems, and making suggestions to make others' lives easier. I actually love projects and all things organization. I actually have a super part-time job where I go to other people's homes and help them organize. This allows me to give my brain a break from running a business, being creative and being a mom.

I’ve got your back.

This isn’t my first time, but if it’s yours, I want to make this as easy on you as possible; please let me help you through!

We’ll start by making sure we are a good fit and continue to get to know one another through the process so you feel the most comfortable when it comes time to hop in front of the camera! I’ve been where you are and it’s tricky to feel confident so I will send over guides to help you with outfits, things to remember through your planning, and always remind you to stay true to you. Of course there are a few business logistics for us to deal with too, but they are as simple as a click of a link to save your date with me! And on the day of, if you’re not sure what to do with your hands, I’ve got you covered!

bride and groom walk while holding hands and looking at each other bride and groom hold hands up in air as they finish their first dance bride and groom walk while holding hands

Working With Becca

every time we talked with her leading up to our engagement session and the wedding day, I felt like I'd known her for years!

We had so many friends and family members compliment Becca and her ability to make everything feel so natural, while also capturing such wonderful memories.

She made us and our wedding party feel so comfortable and at ease, resulting in the best pictures that capture everyone being themselves!

Sheila & Eric

Working With Becca

She was a phenomenal resource on where to start planning a wedding, giving us helpful advice along the way and being a cheerleader for making the day our own.

I usually feel super uncomfortable around a professional with a camera, but Becca made our engagement shoot and wedding feel like we were with a friend.

Maddie & Brannon

Working With Becca

Even my husband who hates getting his photo taken ended up striking some great poses.

Katie & Kevin

woman sits on floor with legs crossed

So here it is;

I figured it out.

I wasn’t always confident in what I was doing in my business, but I am quite happy to say I’ve grown out of that. I’ve invested lots of time and energy in dialing in on exactly how I want to serve my clients and am so proud of what I have to offer you. I think business is ever-evolving and I am so excited to see where this career takes me as long as it involves relationships with people like you.

and if we're gonna be friends...

here are a few more things for you to know…

I believe there is always room for kindness and grace.

Dogs are my love language; their unconditional love is inspiring.

I consider The Office cast to be some of my very best friends.

I love all things home-decor, handwritten in pen, and comfy.

here are a few more things for you to know…

I love to watercolor; it’s my great stress-reliever.

I think crafting is a side-hustle I'd consider in the future.

I eat good food more so out of pure enjoyment than necessity.

My preferred weather is 74 and sunny.