Just Be. Photography is a Minneapolis, Minnesota wedding photographer with a focus on documentary-style wedding photography and lifestyle family and senior sessions. My photojournalistic approach allows me to capture who you are and tell the story of your life or wedding day.

meet becca

I am a dog mom, married to my high school sweetheart, aspiring human mama (eventually), lover of all things potato and most of all super excited you're here. Being a photographer wasn't always an ambition of mine. I did grow up with a camera in hand because I loved to scrapbook, but being a wedding photographer just kind of happened to me. As I developed as a 'photographer' I preferred inanimate objects, things I could somewhat control or didn't have to interact with. But once I started photographing people, I fell in love--in love with emotion and movement and interactions. The rest is history.


behind the camera

love as of late

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