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about me:
I live amongst 10,000 lakes and I wouldn’t have it any other way–I love being a Minnesota resident! My husband and I have one fur-baby: a German Shepherd named Mariah. We live in the burbs and are total homebodies. We couch it with the pup all weekend when we can always watching endless amounts of Netflix. I like the idea of traveling more than I actually like doing so, but never regret going.
Some other important things: Dogs are my love language. It’s a personal goal of mine to pet all of the dogs. I consider The Office cast to be some of my very best friends. I love all things home-decor, handwritten in pen and comfy–sweatpants, blankets, etc.
My love for photography stems from the desire to remember life and have a legacy to pass on. I want to provide families with heirlooms that will be passed down—something they look at and remember as they tell their grandkids of their wedding day.
On your wedding day, you can expect me to help with absolutely anything—my actual title is photographer/personal attendant. Wedding days have a lot of moving pieces and I want to help make your day run as smoothly as possible. You may find me dancing around the party or visiting with your guests. Blending in allows me to get to know the people you love and genuinely capture the excitement and emotion of the day.
about you:
I want you to find the right photographer for your day and your personalities. I will be the first to say I’m not always the right fit for everyone. It is for this reason I want to share with you what I look for in my couples. I work best with couples that will get married under umbrellas if it rains, couples who write each other letters and pray for their marriage, a bride that laughs and shrugs when her dress gets dirty (cause it happens). I love working with adventurous couples that are willing to try new things and will run around chasing light for the best pictures. I look for a couple that has planned a wedding day exactly as they want—not as expected of them. Lastly, I love a couple that is after moments–even blurred, out of focus, under or over-exposed moments. Moments are quick. They happen then are gone. I am hoping to work with understanding couples that will happily accept a raw, natural image of a moment even when not photographically perfect. 
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